Want to help someone who can’t leave their home because of the coronavirus? It can be as simple as lending your ear.
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Voor Elkaar in Amsterdam / We’re in this together in Amsterdam

Because of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), we all need to keep our distance right now. And you should stay indoors if you belong to a high-risk group. In this way, we can slow its spread. But what about getting your groceries? How can you get to that important appointment without using public transport? ? And is there someone you can talk to about how you’re feeling or even just about the weather? During these uncertain times, it’s especially important that older and more vulnerable Amsterdammers maintain social contact and have access to practical help. Knowing that the outside world is still there for you, for help or a chat, can make you feel less alone.


CALL US: 020-7670031
That’s why, under the name Voor Elkaar in Amsterdam (literally, ‘We’re in this together’), Amsterdam’s various social work organisations have come together to work as one, using a central number for all practical questions and contact requests: 020-7670031.

We’ll make sure your request or offer of help reaches the right people in your neighbourhood.


We are calling on all Amsterdammers to reach out to us if they want to give something back to their community. We’ll connect all volunteers with those in their neighbourhood who need help or even just a chat. In this way, we can connect with our neighbors and get through this tough time together.

Vele organisaties zorgen voor de matches, teveel om hier op te nemen. Onderstaande logo's zijn van de partners waarmee we vanuit het centrale telefoonnummer de buurtkoppelingen realiseren.